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Premature Eructation

Posted by pi3832 on 21 June 2007

Seeing as how I only have two entries in this blog, this is way premature, but I’m going to do it anyway.

I started this blog because of two things: reddit and Violent Acres. Violent Acres is the only blog I currently read regularly. I know, that’s bad form. To blog, one should be part of the blogging community. The truth is, most blogs bore the hell out of me. Violent Acres is nearly always entertaining, and occassionally insightful, so it’s different.

I am, of course, hoping this blog will be, too. I have a personal blog on LiveJournal, but it’s mostly minutae of my life, periodic whinings and wallowings. Only people who know me really care to read that–and even then probably not all the time.

Here, I’m hoping to write more generally interesting, researched or at least contemplated pieces. I’m planning on getting my ideas on what to write about from reddit. Please feel free to tell me I’m a moron. Just try to be original when you do. I’ve had people telling I’m a moron on-line since the first Bush was president, so I look for originality in insults more than meaning. It’s highly likely I’ve been insulted by people smarter and more eloquent than you. Try to stand out.

And, lastly, my entries for Veruca’s catchphrase contest:

  • You’re in the wrong place. “Warm Fuzzies” are down the hall, to the left.
  • It’s tough to be honest without being bitchy. I’ve stopped trying.
  • This ain’t a contest to see whose issues are bigger.

2 Responses to “Premature Eructation”

  1. Check out my blog and tell me if you think it’s boring. And if it is…how I can improve it. BTW I liked your fireworks statistics. I thought it was truly funny.


  2. BC Blog said

    Violent Acres Adults Only

    Using StumbleUpon we came across a pretty funny Blog. It’s Adult’s Only, so you kids or our Mom don’t click on it!
    The name is Violent Acres and you can find it here. As I said, don’t click and go there, unless you are over 18!…

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